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Social Media Analytics Platform

A key to Digital Marketing success

Nextbit has recently launched a Social Media Analytics service, implemented on the cloud, that utilizes the following methodology:

• A data collection engine for capturing online information from Social platforms, blogs, forums as well as traditional media (newspaper, magazines), if necessary in real-time;
• An effective disambiguation engine for determining the object of discussion, the attributes associated to it and the terminology related;
• A sentiment engine that is able to capture the sentiment in real time, providing insight on the clients' attitudes towards the brand, products and services offered;
• The ability to infer influencers not just on social media platforms but within the current client population;
• An engine that captures information on prospect customers not only from social media channels but also linked to innovative geomarketing solutions;
• An interface that increases the speed of communication and the ability to proactively monitor events and trends;
• The ability to collect all the information on a dataset with atomic information for true insight of Digital Marketing activities, thus extending well beyond traditional CRMs.

If you are interested in learning more about use case studies of Social Media in Marketing, Sales or Customer Service, contact us.
Social Media Analytics Platform